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What's The Difference Between A Lead Generation Ad And A Conversion Ad?

The biggest difference is a Lead Generation Ad happens all ON Facebook and a Conversion Ad sends all traffic OFF of Facebook  to your website that has your Facebook Pixel installed on it.

Conversion Ads are therefore only suitable for clients who have a website that either has a "landing page" or "squeeze page" set up or at least has the capability to have one created.

If you don't have a website but still want to collect leads, then the Lead Generation Ad is the perfect solution for you.

Lead Generation Ads are also great for those who have a website but don't have a landing page set up and want to start generating leads ASAP.

We specialise in Facebook Lead & Conversion Ads combined with the proven TAP System as this combination ensures the best ROI (Return On Investment). Once created you can turn ON and OFF your ad as required generating more leads when you need them and less when you are too busy.

FB Lead Generation Ads - What's Included
FB Conversion Ads - What's Included
FB Lead Generation Ads - What's Included
FB Conversion Ads - What's Included

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